Tsogo Sun

  • Client: Tsogo Sun
  • Date: January 2013
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Tsogo Sun is a world-class hotel chain, providing top accommodation across Southern Africa as well as other regions. Through co-operative efforts ThinkUber was lucky enough to be able to assist the hotel chain in their efforts to bettering their client correspondence.

Tsogo Sun wanted to make use of high quality online e-brochures to communicate more effectively with their high-LSM target market. As well as supreme functionality, the online e-brochures required a striking, visual production that rendered beautifully across a range of devices.

ThinkUber set to work coding a series of HTML5 e-brochures for a number of hotels within the Tsogo Sun portfolio, implementing an eye-catching ‘page-turn’ feature designed to recreate the feeling of paging through a glossy magazine. Further capabilities include the ability to zoom into text and images, and easy navigation throughout the brochure.

All e-brochures were customised so as to display equally well on any desktop or laptop computer, as well as across all iOS and Android devices. This helped to ensure that all current and potential customers would enjoy the same, on-brand experience, irrespective of how and where the content was accessed.

Over and above this, ThinkUber is integrally involved in the development and maintenance of email signatures and HTML conversions for a number of the group’s hotels, including:

Southern Sun Lusaka
Southern Sun Nairobi
Southern Sun Dar-Es-Salaam
Southern Sun Maputo
Southern Sun Ikoyi
Paradise Sun

Additionally, ThinkUber has done other online communication for:

Southern Sun Hyde Park Sandton