St James

  • Client: St James
  • Date: May 2013
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St James School, a multi-cultural and independent learning institution, who’s core values have roots in philosophy, came to us needing an updated web presence that more accurately reflected their distinctive approach to education. Their need for an update came from their requirement to get more out of their web presence than their static HTML page could deliver.

Several functional development implements were integrated, so as to provide a variety of functionality while still remaining simple to administer.

St James School are now able to upload all their photographs quickly and easily onto their website, giving parents immediate access to them. Additionally the website categorises and manages the different newsletters St James publishes on a regular basis.

For St James School to be able to effectively communicate details about all their upcoming events and highlight important calendar dates, ThinkUber integrated a customised events calendar that made it easy to advertise what is coming in the weeks ahead.

Additionally ThinkUber created a more intuitive interface which allows for easy navigation throughout the website. At the same time ThinkUber paid special mind to the school’s emblem, colours and ethos, which fundamentally informed the design approach.

The page has also been SEO optimised, housing carefully crafted content designed to elevate its position in Google searches.

The result is an easily navigated, content-driven website, which clearly reflects the school’s offering and vision for education, and allows the administrators at the school easy control of their powerful new website platform.