• Client: jozikids
  • Date: January 2014
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For the last several years ThinkUber has worked extensively with jozikids, an online directory service for parents. The site serves to make it easy to find what activities, venues and services are available to kids and families.

In the extremely competitive directory listing industry it is imperative to constantly improve and refine the directory listing service, and to further expand on the jozikids offering. The site, which provides a channel through which parents can source anything from childcare services and schools to museums and party venues around Joburg, has rapidly gained popularity over the years, and as such the website has expanded and grown accordingly.

Much of ThinkUber’s work has centred on the mobile arena, largely due to the influx of on-the-go users looking to make use of the site remotely. As a result, ThinkUber has developed custom PHP sites for both feature phones and smart phones, in order to facilitate easy access for active parents in search of a solution while on the go.

ThinkUber has also assisted jozikids in the establishment of an effective social media presence, further improving their accessibility and reach. SEO solutions have also been implemented so as to help market the website and its efforts further, and to render the page more visible to parents not yet familiar with jozikids and the remarkable services they offer.

The various tools and custom developed functionality ThinkUber has conceptualised, created and integrated over the years has proven to enable jozikids to achieve phenomenal growth and exceptional reach amongst its target audience online without much cost, yet providing extraordinary return on investment.