Hollard Policy Consent Project

  • Client: Hollard
  • Date: February 2012
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Hollard, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, approached ThinkUber with a view to creating a simple and easy-to-use platform that allowed its clients to complete policy underwriting conversions online.

The idea of this new concept was to afford customers an online avenue through which to convert their policy underwriters simply by filling in a series of forms on the website. But as is often the case with online endeavours, a simple front-end usually requires various complex back-end structures in order to be reliable, successful and scalable.

Using Drupal 7 as the foundation, ThinkUber set up a unique mailer platform, which incorporated local bulk mailing service provider, TouchBase Pro, in order to facilitate seamless information transfer between the various parties.

The result is an easily accessible website portal which makes use of various integrated technologies to give the client a way to complete policy conversions simply and quickly online.