DF Bakery

  • Client: DF Bakery
  • Date: July 2013
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DF Bakery, a Johannesburg-based supplier of artisanal breads and pastries, approached ThinkUber with a view to updating their online presence.

In order to create a more intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience, ThinkUber undertook a full re-design of the website, adapting its appearance so as to be more in line with the product offering and company values. Special attention was given to the menu so as to allow easy navigation for the visitor and potential client. The design was completed in-house by ThinkUber and brings required web functionality together with accessibility in a neat design which maintains the corporate identity of the client.

ThinkUber additionally made use of social media integration technologies that would allow users to share the amazing products on DF Bakery’s website with family and friends. So as to highlight DF Bakery’s wide distribution footprint, ThinkUber integrated a customised Google map, which allows users to view all the distributers and also use Google navigation software to lead them there.

The team was also responsible for applying a responsive Drupal template, which broadened the site’s accessibility and functionality so as to include mobile and tablet users as well.

Over and above this, ThinkUber took on the role of providing specialised SEO services. Some of our applied techniques included customising the site’s content so as to better its ranking on Google and other search engines.

We were very happy with the resulting website, as was the client. Its performance and usage statistics bear testament to the quality work consistently undertaken by the ThinkUber team.