• Client: Pfizer
  • Date: July 2012
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Centrum South Africa, part of the international pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer, and a leading supplier of nutritional supplements, set about implementing a website overhaul in 2012. Their existing site was out-dated, making little provision for regular updates and failing to accurately represent their updated corporate identity.

ThinkUber worked closely with a local design agency to revitalise Centrum South Africa’s web presence, implementing a completely customised design and layout solution geared to give the site the modern look and feel it desperately needed. ThinkUber was responsible for creating pixel perfect Drupal themes in HTML and CSS from design, and further integrating layouts for various mobile devices.

Using Drupal, ThinkUber created a functional multi-site environment, forming separate desktop and mobile portals so as to allow access through a multitude of devices. Additionally, the team implemented a system that allowed users to be seamlessly directed to the correct site, depending on their point of access.

Being able to integrate their existing social media presence (Facebook) was also of upmost importance. This is why ThinkUber has made use of the Facebook Social Plugin to make the stream of post updates available to all users through the website. Additionally a further theme was custom created for use in a specially developed Facebook content tab. This ensured the strict design consistency of the website was maintained.

The site’s security was also improved significantly, thanks to rigorous scanning and fortification of the website’s source code. This was undertaken in order to reduce the likelihood of attacks, and to ensure the security standards of the Centrum website are appropriately high. The site was independently quality tested by an industry leading Drupal development agency, Acquia, where it received ‘A+’ ratings for ‘Performance’, ‘SEO’ and ‘Best Practices’ respectively.

Today, Centrum South Africa’s website is easily managed by its administrators, and provides an intuitive navigation experience for desktop and mobile users alike.