Adept Advisory

  • Client: Adept Advisory
  • Date: November 2012
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With a design in hand, and a vision for what their new website should be, Adept Advisory approached ThinkUber to help realise their goals online.

With special attention being given to the areas of social integration and simple yet powerful content management, ThinkUber once again determined Drupal to be the best platform for providing the required results.

ThinkUber proceeded to custom code an HTML and CSS based theme, working diligently off the custom design commissioned by Adept Advisory to ensure a pixel-perfect implementation. This theme was then integrated into the Drupal 7 platform and would define the look and feel of all sections within the website so as to provide design consistency and identity compliance throughout.The front end of the website houses all content comfortably; and makes editing and adding new content easy, while maintaining the website’s clean look.

Adept Advisory’s focus lies in the business realm, and certain services it offers online lend themselves to social media integration of a slightly less frequently seen version. LinkedIn was integrated directly into the website, allowing potential job applicants the ability to apply online with their LinkedIn profiles, directly from within the Adept Advisory website.

Another focus Adept Advisory was to get a potential customer’s details as quickly as possible. This meant making it extremely easy for a user to do so at any time. This resulted in special focus being placed on well integrated, highly efficient contact forms being integrated strategically throughout the site. The resulting site now allows for easy management and updates for the administrators, and functions well as a communications engine and online lead generation tool. This provides Adept Advisory with tremendous return on investment, a ThinkUber hallmark.