Module Development

At ThinkUber, we’re committed to making the ordinary truly extraordinary. We believe that big ideas make business sense, and in a cluttered marketplace, run-of-the-mill is no longer good enough.

In the burgeoning digital age, customers want websites that are new and different, and that offer them an added experiential element with which to interact and engage.

Thinking in two dimensions never got anyone anywhere, and that’s where we come in. Using custom coded Drupal modules, we can elevate your web presence and help you to stand out from the pack.

In the past, we’ve build custom integration modules for a number of top South African brands, including Artinsure. In order to facilitate easy user sign-up on their existing back-end system, we integrated Touchbase Pro, an e-mail newsletter provider, into the Artinsure site infrastructure, enabling users to subscribe directly via their website.

Expand your thinking, and look beyond the ordinary, as we work with you to infuse your site with a hint of magic. Your customers will thank you.

Speak to us today about differentiating your online footprint. With eight years of PHP development experience, the sky is truly the limit.