Custom Facebook Tabs

Facebook has long allowed for additional functionality in the form of custom pages and tabs for your company page. Our Custom Facebook Tabs application now allows you to create and manage these with ease, using a simple CMS system that can turn even the biggest technophobe into a social media whizz.
Fresh, dynamic content is only a click away with this unique software solution, which gives you full creative freedom without any additional hassle or cost. With FB Apps, you can publish virtually anything to your custom pages, including copy, images, video and even flash games, and keep your fans coming back for more!
FB Apps also comes complete with fully integrated reporting software, allowing you to derive an accurate overview of your page interactions, and more effectively assess your ROI.
FB Apps is secure, and is protected by the latest in Thawte SSL encryption. Our platform is powered by the Drupal CMS, which means that it is maintained by a community of coders and security experts, and boasts being one of the most advanced, updated and secure content management systems on the market.