Drupal Hosting

In the digital age, with audience expectations at an all-time high, your website can no longer afford costly downtime. In the online environment, every second counts, and our hosting solutions have been specifically developed so as to ensure that you’re able to give your customers what they want, at optimal speeds, 24/7.

ThinkUber can supply you with cost-effective website and Drupal hosting, both locally and abroad. Our special ‘Aegir’ servers are effectively able to clone and back up Drupal installations, and maintain module installations for multiple sites. We can also manage your domain registrations, offering the full range of addresses from .com, .net and .org to .co.za.

As opposed to cpanel share hosting, we configure our own servers specifically for Drupal, hosting our own virtual private servers (VPS) either on Linode (linode.com), AWS Cloud (aws.amazon.com) or locally based providers.

Our configurations are highly optimised, effectively incorporating load balancing, reverse proxying and memcaching modules, as well as master and slave databases, so as to ensure that your online presence is quick to deliver, and never compromised.