Web Development / Drupal Consulting

Website development can be a tricky and complex process, particularly when it comes to Drupal, a system that isn’t widely used in South Africa. Problems can arise at any point throughout the implementation of a new web solution, and we’re here to help.

ThinkUber consultants boast expert training when it comes to Drupal, and can be called upon to offer anything from simple advice to complex system fixes, helping to keep your website on track when crises arise.

Whether you’re experiencing troubles in the development stage, or coming across never before seen bugs further down the line, our team of experts brings a wealth of troubleshooting experience to the table.

And because every website needs a good facelift from time to time, we’re also able to build custom add-on modules to enrich and improve your online offering. So if you’re looking for a quick fix on a budget, a ThinkUber consultation is probably what you need.

Rather than experiencing costly downtime or tearing down your existing site in frustration, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to guide you to a better solution.


We provide consultation services for the following:

  • Site module set up
  • Drupal version management
  • Drupal setup
  • Drupal security management
  • Bug fixes
  • Custom Module Development

Speak to us today about a consultation on any of the following: