Information Security

The security of your website is of ultimate importance, as intrusions from hackers can end up severely compromising both your site’s usability and the sensitive information stored therein.

We can help to make the Internet a safer space for your brand, offering expert consultation on all elements pertaining to your site’s security. Our team of specialists can be called in to restore and upgrade your security settings, using top-notch assessment methods in order to reduce your vulnerability in the online space.

Our penetration testing on your site’s server infrastructure can prove invaluable, providing insight into potential exploitation loopholes, which we can then quickly fix.

Additionally, we can be called in to restore websites that have been defaced or infected with malware, identifying the source of a hack so as to ensure that it isn’t repeated.

We can also help you to keep your data safe, offering advice and guidance with respect to how it should be stored and backed up, so as to preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability.

So if your site’s security has been breached, or you’re looking to implement effective prevention measures, call us today for a consultation.

We provide consultation services for the following:

  • Defaced Website Fixes
  • Website Malware Removal
  • Server/Infrastructure Security
  • Secure Data Storage

Speak to us today about a consultation on any of the following: