Analytics Consulting Services

Knowledge is power, and the only way you can truly ensure your website’s continuing success is by understanding its impact on your audience.

Google Analytics provide a wealth of information, designed to supply you with all the necessary facts and figures to ensure that your online presence is kept in line with audience expectations.

However, the power of analytics is rendered useless if you are unable to interpret and extrapolate the data – data that could prove pivotal in the overall success of your online initiative.

If you’re struggling to trawl through the multitude of graphs, tables and figures supplied to you, why not call on ThinkUber. We can provide expert analysis and interpretation of all your analytics, supplying you with key strategic implementation suggestions based on your audience’s behavioural patterns.

We can help you to understand who is visiting your site, where they’re from and what sort of devices they’re using to get to you. We can tell you which of your pages are getting the most love from your users, and which aren’t attracting much attention.

Armed with this information, we can offer advice on everything from layout and navigation through to content and design, so as to make sure that you’re giving your audience ample incentive to visit time and again.

Let us help you get to know your audience and to build solid relationships that drive repeat traffic and sales conversions. Speak to us today about our analytics consultation services!

We provide consultation services for the following:

  • Report Interpretation and Analysis
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Data Extrapolation
  • Report-Based Strategic Implementations

Speak to us today about a consultation on any of the following: